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Simple men’s watch | simple design | leather strap

Simple men’s watch from MNMA® – with sapphire crystal & interchangeable strap (leather / mesh)

You are looking for elegant and simple watches for men? At MNMA you can find classic and chic wristwatches with interchangeable straps. The models impress with high-quality materials, exquisite design and good quality designed in Germany. Genuine sapphire crystal is used in the manufacture of MNMA men’s watches to make the surface scratch resistant especially while maintaining transparency. The crystal structure of sapphire crystal makes the MNMA wristwatch particularly dense and resistant to pressure. Thanks to an anti-reflective coating on one side of the sapphire crystal, the watch can be read in sunlight without any problems. But even in low light conditions, the fluorescent hands ensure good readability. In order to always have a suitable eye-catcher on the wrist in both the private and professional spheres, a matte dial was deliberately built into the stainless steel case. Whether white or dark dial, MNMA men’s watches are always a real eye-catcher. At the same time, the dials have a diameter of 42 millimeters and are particularly slim at only 7.6 millimeters to create an elegant and simple impression and not look clunky.

Besides the colors of the watch face, you can also change the strap. For this purpose, you can choose from numerous different bracelets in various colors – whether with leather bracelet, such as noble black leather or with Milanaise bracelet like the black mesh does not matter. The straps can be changed at any time in a few simple steps, so that you have the right watch for every occasion and outfit. Double stitching in heavily used areas and a shimmering alloy make the leather bracelets last extra long. The material used is high quality cowhide, which due to a special tanning also looks perfect in the long term and offers a very special wearing comfort.

We pay attention not only to high-quality design, but also to an extraordinary interior – and what better movement for this than a classic Swiss movement? The movement of MNMA wristwatches is a quartz movement of Swiss Ronda 1069 Slim Tech and convinces with long durability and highest precision. The Series 1 is water resistant up to 5 bar, so you don’t have to worry about your watch even in heavy rain.

Whether in the familiar contrast with white dial and black leather or with ocean blue strap – watches from MNMA look elegant and simple in any outfit and are suitable for any important meeting, but also for everyday office life. At the same time, you can always customize the bracelet to your appearance. With the interchangeable leather straps, any outfit can be turned into a highlight, and if necessary, can be changed quickly, as a replacement strap can be exchanged in seconds.

Ordering elegant and simple wristwatches directly from the online store at MNMA has many advantages. So you can choose the leather straps according to your ideas and in no time you will have the watch that perfectly suits you and your style: elegant and simple. With a colored bracelet, you can also implement more striking and unusual styles and combine them in a versatile way. Various styling ideas around the elegant and simple wristwatches from MNMA can be found in our magazine.

The entire watch is “designed in Germany” and convinces with noble design and high-quality components – and that at a fair price. In the MNMA online store you can directly compare the different models. After your order, it will be sent to your home easily and comfortably. Let yourself be convinced by the elegant and simple wristwatches with sapphire crystal and leather and milanese bracelet from MNMA.

What distinguishes plain men’s watches?

A simple men’s watch embodies aesthetics and zeitgeist at the same time. The definition of “simplicity” says to create the extraordinary through comparatively few elements. Simple men’s watches from MNMA were designed with this goal in mind & emphasize flowing lines combined with few but thoughtfully placed details. The perfect symbiosis for your wrist, timeless and chic at the same time.


Elegant & simple men’s watches vs classic sports watches comparison – a matter of taste

Elegant and simple men’s watches differ from classic sports watches mainly in the height of the watch, which in sports watches is usually between 10 – 13 mm, whereas elegant watches are more flat in nature and are in the range of 6-8 mm.

The watch classes also differ in terms of the movement, depending on the target group. Sports watches usually have a chronograph movement installed, which brings functions such as a calendar and stopwatch function but thereby also affects the height of the sports watch noticeably.

Another difference is the preferred design of most sports watches for water resistance. Higher quality sports watches usually come with high water resistance values like 10 ATM or even 20 ATM. Whereas a water resistance value of 5 ATM for elegant watches already corresponds to the upper standard, very rarely you will find once an elegant men’s watch, which has a value of 10 ATM. However, this also affects the design, as such a high water resistance value requires various adjustments (reinforcements) to the case of the watches.

If you compare the design, you can see that simple men’s watches are limited to the essentials and the details, as described above, are set specifically & rather spartan in order not to distract from the essentials. Sports watches, on the other hand, are usually designed with many different lines, sometimes a bit streamlined and playful, and tend to have a radius of 45 mm +. Elegant men’s watches are usually a bit smaller, more likely to be found at 38- 45 mm case diameter.

The watch classes also differ in terms of the materials used. Elegant men’s watches are usually made of robust stainless steel. In addition to stainless steel and ceramics, sports watches are also increasingly using titanium, which is lighter but also influences the “perceived” value of the watch.

The installed wristbands can also have different substances in terms of material. Classic men’s watches increasingly rely on genuine or synthetic leather and mesh straps, usually with a quick-change mechanism. The manufacturers of sports watches, on the other hand, tend to rely on metal or plastic straps, as these are more water-resistant during diving or other sports activities.

Below you can see once again the features of elegant and sporty men’s watches in comparison:

UhrenartElegante und schlichte HerrenuhrKlassische Sportuhr
Uhrenhöhe6-8 mm10-13 mm
Gehäusedurchmesser38-45 mm45 mm +
GehäusematerialEdelstahl, selten TitanEdelstahl, Titan, Keramik, Carbon
Uhrwerki.d.R. flache Uhrwerke i.d.R. höhere Chronographen-Uhrwerke
FunktionenZeit ablesen, evtl. DatumsanzeigeZeit ablesen, Datumsanzeige, Stoppuhrfunktion, etc...
Bandartenechtes Leder, Mesh (Milanaise) Bänder mit WechselfunktionMetall, Kunststoff Armbänder
Wasserdichte3 - 10 ATM 5 -20 ATM