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Men’s watch with engraving – Cheap engraving on side or back on your MNMA wristwatch

If you’re looking for a watch engraved by MNMA, you’ve come to the right place!
At MNMA you have several options to personalize your watch individually. Whether for men or women, as a gift idea or as a reminder for yourself. You have the free choice to have either side or back engraved on your wristwatch.

Order watch with engraving for men, dad, father & husbands


We offer you a lovingly incorporated engraving on your MNMA watch. Simply indicate in the contact form below on which side your watch should be engraved, there are two options to choose from:


The first option is on the side opposite the crown on the case of your MNMA. (see gallery picture 1)


The second option is the back of your MNMA.
Here you have the choice whether you want to place a text on the top left, top right or bottom. Of course you can also engrave all 4 fields! (see gallery picture 2)


You can also have the back of our popular chronograph series engraved. For this purpose, we have kept the lower area of the back free. Just give us the text of your engraving and we will take care of the rest (see gallery picture 3).

Men’s watch with engraving as a gift idea


For special occasions, such as marriage for the husband, Christmas for dad or birthday for the friend, a watch with engraving is the perfect gift that will always make you look back on this special event. Each purchased MNMA wristwatch becomes unique with added engraving by laser or diamond, which will give pleasure to the owner for a long time.

Important notes for filling out the request form

As described above, please indicate whether you would like to engrave your MNMA on the side or back.
Add the engraving text and the name of the MNMA model on which the engraving should appear. Please note that you have a choice of 4 fields for engraving on the back as shown in the gallery image or the complete lower half for the Chrono Series.

Please also specify which font you would like to have, the example engravings are made with the fonts Bank Gothic MD BT and El Greco. (see gallery pictures)


Engraving: page ; Watch model: MILA SUPERSTAR ; Text: Joschi ; Font: Bank Gothic MD BT


Engraving: Back ; Watch model: MUSTARDO ; Back Left: Eva ; Back Top: & ; Back Right: Klaus ; Back Bottom: 27.02.2016 ; Font: El Greco


Engraving: back ; Watch model: SHERIFF ; Text top: For ; Text middle: Robert ; Text bottom: 2022 ; Font: El Greco

Request your MNMA men's watch with engraving now!

Privacy & T&C Notice:*

Other important information about our engraving service


The engraving of your MNMA watch is applied by laser in the area marked above. Texts are created as outlines. Only letters and numbers can be engraved (no emojis, images, or similar). The preview above is not layout binding, it is meant to give you an idea of how your MNMA men’s watch may look after engraving.


Have watch engraved – cost


For an engraving on the side opposite the crown we charge an additional amount of 20 Euro incl. VAT of the advertised watch prize on our website.


For the engraving of the back of your MNMA we charge a one-time price of 25 Euro incl. VAT. plus of the advertised watch prize on our website.


The cost of engraving is not discountable, valid vouchers included in the form will only discount the watch. You will receive a non-binding offer from us after your request via form, which transparently shows your order costs. Only after acceptance of the offer by the interested party the order is placed.

Warranty & Guarantee

Please note, engraved watches are excluded from exchange, as engraved products are manufactured unique.

TOP-3 Ideas for sayings and quotes for engravings for men watches


Below you will find a selection of ideas with brief descriptions that are quite often requested by our customers for engraving.

What can you write as engraving on a wristwatch?


These are the 3 most popular ideas for engraving men’s watches in our opinion:


Place 1: Meaningful name and/or date

Many couples choose their partner’s name for the engraving they want – sometimes combining dates that are especially important to the two lovers. For example, this may be the wedding day itself, the date of the first meeting or the date of the first kiss. In this case, the partner always carries the name of his beloved, and vice versa. Others choose, for example, the date of graduation from school, the receipt of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. With this classic engraving you can personalize your wristwatch and make it an important souvenir at the same time. Once the piece of jewelry does not linger on the wrist, one of your (potential) children or grandchildren will definitely ask what happened on that special day. The dated wristwatch engraving tells a story – sometimes the beginning of the story, sometimes the climax or even the continuation.


Place 2: A special symbol

Well, if you are limited in space or sometimes lack words, a symbol is an appealing alternative to a name or date. Think about which symbol embodies your theme. Perhaps a heart or an embraced heart is suitable to demonstrate your love or the symbol for infinity, which symbolizes your feelings.


Rank 3: Secret word or number

Similar to the symbol, a secret word or number can also stand for a certain thing. E.g. the coordinates of your first meeting or a code word which you use for a certain thing.

Known engraving types in comparison


Diamond engraving vs laser engraving


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