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White Mens Watch – Sapphire Crystal, Matte Dial & Leather Strap

Matte wristwatch, white dial and anti-reflective sapphire crystal – this is what a modern and elegant watch for men looks like. The watches of MNMA radiate both seriousness and fashion consciousness and thus inspire both sexes through deliberately discreetly placed details. The bright dial is encased in a high-quality stainless steel case, which is covered with a matte shimmering alloy. This alloy makes the men’s watch look particularly classy and also gives it extra protection against scratches and scratches.

Also for all other components, special attention has been paid to high-quality components during the creation. Sophisticated technology and high quality design at a reasonable price is the goal of MNMA. This was successfully implemented in the MNMA Series 1.

The movement is produced in Switzerland and comes from the premium manufacturer Ronda. The movement used in MNMA watches is a quartz movement called Ronda 1069. Its high quality allows the watch to be built particularly slim and thus measures only 7.6 millimeters in height. In addition, the wristwatch is very simple and never looks clunky with a radius of 42 millimeters.

Sapphire crystal is installed in MNMA watches. This represents the strongest glass currently available and thus ensures exceptional impact, breakage and scratch resistance, so that one(s) need not worry about its longevity of the white wristwatch. To be able to read the time undisturbed in the sun without having to worry about strong mirror effects, the watch is mirrored on one side. In addition, the fluorescent hands on the other side make it easy to determine the time under low light conditions.

In addition to the movement and the glass, the bracelet is also of particular interest from a visual point of view. The wristwatch for men has several interchangeable leather and milanese bracelets. Milanese bracelets are available in silver and black. They represent delicate bracelets made of metal wires, which are woven together and thus can offer an exciting alternative to leather bracelets. But also the different colors of the leather straps together with the white matte dial create a stylish and modern impression. It doesn’t matter if you use it in Biscuit, Classical en Vogue, Good Ties, Latte Macciato To Go or Ocean Classic. The leather bracelets are made of high quality cowhide and are tanned so that it is particularly soft against the skin and still looks great even after some time of wearing.

Designed in Germany, the wristwatch for men bears the typical lettering of the MNMA founders in all its facets. If you are looking for a high quality watch with good design and superbly matched components at a fair, then the MNMA Series 1 is your watch. In this overview you will find the matching bracelets for your fashionable men’s watch in matte white.

After your order is placed, your new white men’s wristwatch will be packed and shipped to you immediately. The standard delivery time within Germany is three to five days. Upon completion of your purchase, MNMA provides a 24-month warranty, in addition to the statutory warranty claims, so you can be sure that the watch is of high quality workmanship and will turn out to your satisfaction. So do not hesitate much longer and choose your new favorite watch – top quality, optical eye-catcher and the whole at the best price.

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