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Watches in Bauhaus style – the most beautiful Bauhaus watches for men in TOP-11 comparison

Functional, reduced and straightforward – these are the attributes you want for your stylish wristwatch? Then Bauhaus watches are the right thing for you, I promise!

In our top 10 comparison of the most popular Bauhaus watches for men, you are guaranteed to find a watch for your taste. Bauhaus watches are characterized by minimalism, because this style does not focus on design elements, but on functionality. But do not worry, despite this, the watches presented here all do not lack in specialness. A Bauhaus watch enhances any outfit and lets you be dressed appropriately for any occasion!

Which purchase criteria should you consider before making your purchase

First of all, you should ask yourself what type of movement you’re into. The choice is roughly summarized watches with automatic movement and quartz movement. This article is mainly about Bauhaus watches with quartz movement, if you are looking for Bauhaus watches with automatic movement I can recommend our article “
The best Bauhaus watches with automatic movement
” to the heart.

And how does an automatic movement differ from a quartz movement?

The main difference between an automatic watch and a quartz watch is due to the movement itself, more specifically how the watch is powered.

Quartz crystals are used in quartz watches to move or “oscillate” the circuitry. Automatic watches, on the other hand, have mechanical components, a watch spring is used. So the clock-cycle is given mechanically. The disadvantage here, however, is that the frequency only ranges between four and ten Hertz compared to quartz watches. Therefore, the accuracy of automatic watches is usually lower than that of quartz watches.

Depending on the movement, the basic functions of Bauhaus watches vary as well. Basic functions are the hour, minute and second displays. In addition, some watches can also have the date or 24 hour displays or stopwatch, etc.. However, all this also affects the optical brilliance and you should consider which functions you want from your watch before you buy it. Basically, the (Bauhaus) motto applies, the simpler the fewer functions.

Price range

There are of course also different price ranges for Bauhaus watches, basically you can say here that you get served in the range from about 100 euros already decent quality Bauhaus watches. Strictly speaking, however, there is always something to complain about with the components in this area. For really sophisticated complete packages you will usually have to pay at least 150 Euros. But then you will probably have more fun with your investment for longer. In this article, we have oriented ourselves to the price range up to a maximum of approx. 250 euros. One price shelf higher you will find the above mentioned models with automatic movement.

bauhaus design

Bauhaus style design

The basic principle of the Bauhaus “form follows function” is of course also reflected in the design. Freely following the motto, “beautiful is what is functional”, the focus of the watch models is on functionality. The design, on the other hand, is limited to the essentials. Unadorned, simple elegance, yet geometric shapes in an affordable form for “ordinary people”. Decorative elements or extremely bright colours do not normally appear in Bauhaus design.

Further Purchase criteriasuch as watch glass, quality of the watch strap, watch height and water resistance can be found in our article “The best men’s watch up to 200 euros“ Read

11 Bauhaus style watches for men test and compare

Now you know what to look out for when buying an automatic watch. Below we present 11 popular models on the market in Bauhaus design, which are very popular and generally of good quality.

1st place:


Brand: MNMA

A watch from our first watch collection “Series 1”
is the model “Good Times Edition” which is available exclusively in our online shop. We specialize in developing high quality watches at a still fair price and want to offer you a long lasting and good experience with our watches. Inspired by our Thuringian origins, we have reduced the design to the most necessary and thus come very close to the original idea of “Form follows Function” of the Bauhaus design.


Price: 139 Euro

In the Good Times Edition, we have combined the white minimalist dial with a brown leather strap, which gives the watch a calm aura. The blue hands stand out ideally against the light dial and are fluorescent, which means that if they have been sufficiently illuminated by sunlight, they will glow at night.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Swiss movement | Ronda 1069
  • Functions: Minutes, Hour, Second, Fluorescent Hands
  • Case: stainless steel with special alloy, diameter 42 mm, height: 7.6 mm, genuine sapphire crystal, water resistant to 5 atm.
  • Bracelet: Premium interchangeable strap made of cowhide leather with double stitching, pin buckle

The model consists of high-quality components, so sapphire crystal, the hardest watch glass on the market, was installed and the high-quality Swiss quartz movement 1069 by Ronda forms the heart of the watch.

Also, since the case diameter measures 42 millimeters and the case height is 7.6 millimeters, it is suitable for most wrist sizes. The case is matt silver and made of stainless steel. Should you get caught in showers or downpours with this watch, you don’t have to worry because with 5 ATM, the model can withstand these weather conditions.

In the shop of MNMA you will find more
Interchangeable bracelets
which can easily be combined with this model, they all have a length of 22 centimeters. The watch is with brown leather strap from 139€ incl. VAT and offers you a complete package with minimalist design in Bauhaus style.

Despite reduction a real eye-catcher – for the price of 139 euros you get with the GOOD TIMES EDITION from MNMA an affordable watch with a reduced Bauhaus design. An attractive overall package for all lovers of simple design.

What we like:

☑ Sapphire crystal
☑ Swiss movement from Ronda
☑ 7.6 mm overall height
☑ minimalist design
☑ flourescent hands

Wo sehen wir Potenzial:

➖ Marke noch relativ unbekannt

2nd place:
Braun men’s quartz wristwatch with three hands, analog display and leather strap


Brand: BRAUN*

The Braun BN0021BKBKG is a classic watch without a lot of frills and therefore an eye-catcher. With a diameter of 38 mm, it is a rather slim men’s watch, yet it captivates with its minimalist design.

Model: Brown men’s quartz wristwatch with three hands, analog display and leather strap*.

Price:89,60 EUR *

Both the dial and the leather strap are black. The case is made of silver stainless steel and the hands and Arabic numerals are white.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Quartz movement
  • Functions: Minutes, hour, central second,
  • Case: Silver stainless steel, diameter 38 mm, height: 8.5 mm, mineral glass, water resistant to 5 atm.
  • Bracelet: Leather bracelet

The look is lightened up by a yellow minute hand. The dial is covered by a mineral crystal and also has a water resistance of 5 atm, which are quite good components for the price. Unfortunately, the origin of the quartz movement cannot be traced.

At over , the watch receives an average of stars. While the minimalist design is praised, the price fluctuations the watch faces also come up.

Brown men’s quartz wristwatch with three hands, analog display and leather strap*.
is something special precisely because of its minimalism and therefore goes well with both a T-shirt and a suit. However, one should be careful when buying or be patient. The price at Amazon fluctuates a lot, which is why you should wait for an offer at the current price of
89,60 EUR*
but in any case a good offer.

What we like:

☑ Minimalist design
☑ 5 bar water resistance

Where do we see potential:

➖ Strong price fluctuations

Third place: Aristo Unisex Bauhaus Quartz Watch RGB | Bauhaus Feat. Mondrian | leather wristwatch | 100 years


Brand: Aristo*

Aristo 4D85ZG*
is a fancy highlight for every look, for men as well as for women. For those who like it a little more simple, the watch is also available with a black strap.

Model: Aristo 4D85ZG*

Price:Price not available *

The special model for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus is characterized by the graphic hands.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement:Quartz movement
  • Functions : Hour, minute, sweep second, date
  • Case: stainless steel: diameter: 35 mm, height: 7.1 mm, mineral glass, water resistant to 5 atm.
  • Bracelet: Leather bracelet yellow

A triangle, a circle and a square in bright colours show the time. Otherwise, the white dial, which is framed by a 35 mm wide stainless steel case, is very simple. A quartz movement, hardened mineral glass and a water resistance of 5 atm round off the watch. The leather strap is yellow and equipped with a buckle. However, this is also available in red or black.

At , the model receives an average of stars.

Aristo 4D85ZG*
is more for extroverts who like to attract attention. But shake on it: only appreciative amazement and a murmur follow, where the gentleman probably bought this extraordinary graphic watch.

What we like:

☑ S triking graphic design
5 atm waterproof

Where do we see potential:

➖ Few reviews on Amazon

Rank 4:
Skagen SKW6331


Brand: Skagen*

The minimalist Skagen SKW6331* is a fashion eye-catcher, named after Denmark’s northernmost city. Fun Fact: Skagen is a US brand that was founded in 1989 by a Danish couple. However, Skagen has been a subsidiary of Fossil since 2012.

Model: Skagen SKW6331*

Price:97,33 EUR *

Looking at the design, we can see that the simple white dial, on which only black hands and indices are visible, is enclosed in a stainless steel case of 41 mm. Instead of the “3”, the logo is discreetly incorporated. The dial is covered by a mineral glass. The watch has a quartz movement and has a water resistance of 5 atm.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Quartz movement
  • FunctionsHour, minute, second
  • Case: polished stainless steel, diameter: 41 mm, height: 8 mm, mineral glass, water resistant to 5 atm.
  • bracelet : Brown leather strap with pin buckle

The leather strap is brown and closes with a buckle. With the band replacement instructions available on Amazon, replacing the band is a breeze.

In the nearly , which have an average of stars, you can often read that the watch is very high quality. The simple design is also convincing, but the dial is rather greyish than white.

With its clean look, the Skagen SKW6331* is the perfect complement to any elegant, sporty business look. It is sent in seasonally different gift boxes, making it the perfect gift for a good friend.

What we like:

Clean design
5 ATM water resistance

Where do we see potential:

Mineral glass

Place 5:
Junkers Dessau Analogue Quartz Watch Sapphire Glass Indexes


Brand: Junkers *

Men in Black – the black design is broken up by a few silver details, which makes the Junkers look very classy. Nevertheless, the watch is also available with blue or silver dials as well as brown leather strap or mesh bracelets.

Model: Junkers Dessau Analogue Quartz Watch Sapphire Crystal Indices

Price: *

The stainless steel case has a diameter of 40 mm and surrounds the black dial.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Quartz movement from Switzerland or Japan
  • Functions: second, minute hour
  • Case: stainless steel, diameter: 40 mm, height 8.2 mm, sapphire crystal, water resistant to 5atm
  • bracelet : Black leather, padded and sewn with a polished pin buckle

There, too, restraint was exercised. Only silver indices, an hour and minute hand, the Junkers logo and the slogan “Made in Germany” can be found on the dial. This in turn is covered by a high-quality and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 5 atm waterproof protect the watch from rain. In the the watch is well received and is at stars, praised above all the general beauty of the model, some would like better product images.

With the
you are always properly dressed according to the motto “Black is the Answer”. The high-quality brand watch goes with every outfit and lets all eyes fall on you.

What we like:

Sapphire crystal

Where do we see potential:

➖ price

Place 6:
Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg 8042-5


Brand: Zeppelin*

The Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg 8042-5 is a classic men’s watch with the historical character of the Bauhaus style.

The beige dial harmonizes perfectly with the stainless steel case and the brown crocodile leather strap, which is handmade in Italy.

Model: Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg 8042-5*

Price:223,97 EUR *

The even times are indicated by Arabic numerals, the odd times by indices. The rounded K1 mineral crystal also gives the watch a retro charm.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement from ETA
  • Functions: Date, second, minute, hour
  • Casing: Stainless steel. Diameter: 34 mm, Height: 8 mm, Mineral glass, Water resistant to 5 atm.
  • Bracelet: Handmade leather bracelet

The Swiss movement of the traditional manufacturer ETA is very reliable and the basis for the second, minute, hour and date display. While the watch has a solid 5atm water resistance rating, the manufacturer recommends taking the watch off when showering to protect the leather strap.

The on Amazon features stars. This shows a positive tendency, however, with the few evaluations this is not 100 percent meaningful.

With the
Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg 8042-5*
you get a high quality retro watch from a german manufacturer in Bauhaus optic. However, for quality components like the Swiss movement and the handmade leather strap, you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

What we like:

Handmade leather bracelet
Swiss movement/span>
Retro charm

Where do we see potential:


Rank 7:
Dugena men’s quartz wristwatch, sapphire crystal, leather strap, Mondo


Brand: Dugena

The Mondo comes from the traditional watch manufacturer Dugena and impresses with its classic design and high-quality components.

Model: Dugena men’s quartz wristwatch, sapphire crystal, leather strap, Mondo*.

Price:Price not available *

The Dugena Mondo has a white dial with black present numbers. In addition to the hours and seconds display, it has a date display and an extra dial that displays the seconds.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Quartz movement
  • FunctionsHour, minute, central second, Date display
  • Case: Stainless steel, Diameter: 38mm, Height: 10mm, 2.5D sapphire crystal, Water resistant to 3 atm.
  • bracelet : Black leather strap

A robust 38mm stainless steel case and high quality sapphire crystal surround the dial and provide 3 atm protection from water. The leather strap is black, but the Dugena Mondo is also available with a black dial as well as mesh straps.

The watch has an average of stars at . The design and the good readability are praised, but a rate deviation is criticized.

A classic watch with tradition – the Dugena Mondo* impresses with its straightforward design, good readability and high-quality sapphire crystal.

What we like:

Sapphire crystal
Good readability

Where do we see potential:

Waterproof 3 atm

4.5 Stars

8th place:
Iron Annie Men’s 100 Years Bauhaus 5046-1 Watch


Brand: Iron annie *

The Iron Annie 5046-1 comes from the special collection for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus and is characterized by masculinity and functionality.

Model: Iron Annie Men’s Watch 100 Years Bauhaus 5046-1*

Price:Price not available *

On the white dial are both Arabic numerals for the hour and minute display. Fluorescent hands ensure good legibility at any time of day or night. There is also a date display at 6 o’clock.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Clockwork: Laco15 based on the Miyota caliber 9015, 24 jewels, frequency: 28,800 A / h, rate deviation -10 / + 20 seconds per day
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, sweep seconds, date
  • Casing: Stainless steel in a brushed look, diameter: 38mm, height: 10.3mm, weight: 64 grams, mineral glass, glass bottom, water-resistant to 5 atm
  • bracelet : Black calfskin, strap width 18mm, lug width: 45.6mm

The watch is powered by the Swiss quartz movement ETA F06.111. The rounded mineral glass makes the watch look larger. In addition, it has a water resistance of 5 atm.The bright leather strap looks very high quality through the stitching and fits perfectly with the masculine style of the watch.

The 15 Bewertungen on Amazon rave about the watch, but are to be considered differentiated due to the small number.

For the
Iron Annie Men’s Watch 100 Years Bauhaus 5046-1*
you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, but you can hardly compromise on style and components. The watch looks very high quality and is a real eye-catcher both in everyday life and on special occasions.

What we like:

Rounded mineral glass
Swiss quartz movement
Made in Germany

Where do we see potential:

➖ still few ratings

Rank 9:
Nordgreen Philosopher


Brand: Nordgreen*

Just like the Nordgreen native*
the Nordgreen Philosopher was designed by the renowned top designer Jakob Wagner. The young company Nordgreen attaches particular importance to sustainability and donates part of its revenue to sustainable projects.

Model: Nordgreen Philosopher Scandinavian watch in silver with white dial and interchangeable bracelet*.

Price:179,00 EUR *

The Nordgreen Philosopher has a white two-piece dial. The cylindrical outer ring, on which the silver indices are located, draws the eye to the centre of the watch and is intended to focus the wearer on the now.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Japanese quartz movement
  • FunctionsHour Minute
  • Case: stainless steel case, diameter: 40 mm, height:7,8 mm, mineral glass, waterproof up to 3 atm
  • Bracelet: Leather bracelet

The silver case has a diameter of 40 mm and weighs 50 grams. A Japanese movement and a water resistance of 3 atm round off the watch. The leather strap is brown and has a pin buckle, but the straps are easy to change.

At around , the watch gets an average of stars. In particular, the high-quality workmanship and the noble design are emphasized.


When you buy a Nordgreen Philosopher, you get a stylish designer watch and donate to sustainable projects at the same time.

What we like:

Two-part dial
☑ S upport for sustainable projects when purchasing

Where do we see potential:

3 ATM waterproof

Rank 10:
Notched Wood Anton


Brand: Kerbholz*

The Kerbholz Anton is a sustainable unique piece. With a body made of oak wood, they have a piece of nature with them even in the big city jungle.

Model: Kerbholz Anton Masterpieces Collection

Price:179,00 EUR *

The Maserpiece collection combines nature with technical details and solves the problems of the 21st century in the style of the Bauhaus.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Movement: Quartz movement Swiss from Ronda
  • Functions: Minutes, Hours, Seconds, Date
  • Case: wood, diameter: 42 mm, height: ca 7,5 mm, weight: 51 g, mineral glass, waterproof to 3 atm
  • Bracelet: Leather bracelet

The white dial is restrained and limited to the essentials next to the hour and minute display there is a small dial that shows the seconds. A date display is also integrated at 3 o’clock. The sapphire-coated mineral glass is very robust and therefore also durable. The natural watch offers a minimum water protection of 3 atm, a Ronda Swiss Parts quartz movement keeps it running.

A soft leather strap complements the natural look and makes it comfortable to wear.

At just under , the watch comes in at a good stars. Chic, elegant, high quality are the attributes one reads when browsing the comments.

Sustainable doesn’t have to be eco – that’s what Kerbholz Anton proves. Natural materials combined with minimalist design and technical details can be found in this stylish men’s watch. By the way: Kerbholz also donates 10% of the proceeds from the purchase of a watch to a sustainable project.

What we like:

☑ S ustainable Bauhaus style clock
☑ Donation to sustainable projects
Swiss movement

Where do we see potential:

3 ATM waterproof

Rank 11:
DuFa DF-9030-04 Sapphire Men 40mm 3ATM


Brand: DuFa*

According to its own information, the Deutsche Uhrenfabrik produces watches based on the Bauhaus design, with German quality standards.

Model: DuFa DF-9030-04 Saphir Men 40mm 3ATM*

Price:Price not available *

The DuFa-FD-9030-04 is a minimalist Bauhaus watch that, as the name of the series suggests, is equipped with a high-quality sapphire crystal.

Here are the most important facts at a glance:

  • Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, GMT time via yellow central hand, date
  • Case: stainless steel, 4-fold screwed-in bottom, diameter: 40 mm, height: 10 mm, weight: 60 g, sapphire crystal, waterproof to 3 atm
  • Movement: Swiss quartz movement from Ronda
  • Bracelet: Brown genuine leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle

The combination of brown leather strap and the blue dial looks modern and at the same time very noble and we like it very much. The silver-colored hands and indices are very filigree and emphasize the high-quality look. A colourful but equally simple accent is provided by a yellow hand that indicates the GMT time. In addition, the watch has a date display at 6 o’clock and has a water resistance of 3 atm.

The watch also impresses with a high-quality Swiss Ronda quartz movement, which has additional functions such as a second time zone and the date display.

Functional, reduced and yet elegant – the
DuFa DF-9030-04 Sapphire Men 40mm 3ATM*
transfers the Bauhaus style into the 21st century. The noble design and the additional functions convince us.

What we like:

Noble and modern design
Sapphire crystal
Additional functions

Where do we see potential:

Waterproof of 3 atm
little experience valuation-wise



Soeren, founder of MNMA

Summary – My TOP-3 Bauhaus watches for men

In our top 11 are some classics and designer pieces. We were spoiled for choice and these three special watches are our top favorites:

Secret tip: MNMA – GOOD TIMES EDITION modern minimalist design with premium components

The MNMA – GOOD TIMES EDITION combines modern minimalism with long durability, the model gives you sapphire crystal and Swiss movement at the price of sharp 139 euros.

TOP 1: The DuFa DF-930-04* is the Bauhaus style of today

When Bauhaus design is brought into the 21st century, out comes the DuFa DF. We’re as impressed with the understated but exquisite design as we are with the movement and robust sapphire crystal. All around, a beautiful watch!

TOP 2: For nature boys & for big city tyuppies, the Kerbholz Anton* is just the thing

Just as with women’s watches, Kerbholz’s watch also lands in second place with men. We are excited about how to bring together natural materials and modern metropolitan flair in a high-quality watch. For this, there is place 2!

TOP 3: With Norgreen Philospher* focus on the here and now

We like the idea of directing the gaze to the center or now through the two-part dial. With the Nordgreen Philosopher, you not only get an individual designer watch, but you also donate to a good cause.

Bauhaus Modernist
DuFa DF-9030-04 Saphir Herren 40mm 3ATM*
Schweizer Quarzwerk von Ronda
10 mm
40 mm
Holz Individualist
Kerbholz - Holzuhr für Herren - Anton - analoge Quarz Armbanduhr mit Datumsanzeige - Herrenuhr mit breitem Lederarmband - Schlichte Uhr für Männer mit Korpus aus echtem Holz, Ø 42mm*
Schweizer Quarzwerk von Ronda
7,5 mm
42 mm
Bauhaus Fokussierer
Nordgreen skandinavische Designuhr - analoges Quarzwerk, Silber, weißes Zifferblatt, austauschbare Leder/Mesh-Armbänder, stilvolle Armbanduhr, Unisex, wasserbeständig, modern, Modell Philosopher*
Japanisches Quarzwerk
7,8 mm
40 mm
bauhaus history

What are actually Bauhaus watches – type and origin

The Bauhaus Art School is an art school founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919. In 1925, the college moved to Dessau under the name “Hochschule für Gestaltung”, where “Das Bauhaus” can still be found today. The purpose of the new direction at that time was to combine craft with art. In stark contrast to the “Art Deco” movement popular at the time (which relied on playful forms), Bauhaus design was industrial and minimalist in appearance. Basically, houses and furniture are designed with simple, symmetrical shapes, with the idea of reduction. Walter Gropius (Walter Gropius) said, “Only by achieving perfect harmony in technical function and form can aesthetics be produced.”

Simple symmetrical forms, straight lines and simplicity are also characteristics of today’s Bauhaus style. Various watchmakers liked this style and adapt it in their models until today. Although watches are predestined for the Bauhaus style both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, this style was not seen in models until decades later. The simple elegance and subtle appearance of women’s and men’s Bauhaus style watches impress people. Bauhaus watches are the perfect accessory for men and women of all styles and occasions because of their simple design.

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