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Buy watch with interchangeable bracelet or watch strap to change? – Here you get the purchase advice incl. Comparison of important purchase criteria from a professional!

Making the right choice is not always easy, especially when not all the information is available. You have the desire for a new wristwatch, play with the idea of getting an interchangeable bracelet or just want to deal a little more with the matter of watch straps? In this guide, we would like to provide you with this information.

The watch with interchangeable bracelet

Surely any watch band can be changed under certain challenges, right? Short and sweet, for sure! The only question is the willingness to remain restricted in exactly this area. Many manufacturers don’t even address this issue, as it leaves them an opportunity to sell a new watch in the worst case scenario. The acquisition or the mere possibility of changing a watch strap is not always given. What remains is a visit to the manufacturer of the watch, because even the local watchmaker does not always have the right interchangeable straps in stock, if there are any at all.

But fortunately, spring bar attachment has become established in some wristwatches. These are metal pins with push-in ends. Under spring tension, this presses the two pins into the holes provided in the watch, holding the band to the case. More common are fixed bars, which, as the name suggests, are fixed, as well as screwed watchband lugs. Depending on the age of the watch and just current fashion, appropriate techniques are used and thus allow the replacement by means of special tools.

GIF which represents an MNMA Series 1 wristwatch with a changeable bracelet

Over time, spring bars have evolved to the point where it is now possible to change a band entirely without tools. This is made possible by a metal pin or also called a latch button, which can simply be pushed inwards on the underside of the strap. These newly created quick-change straps thus not only allow for a quick replacement in case of a torn leather strap or a broken buckle, it also leaves one with the freedom of choice to change one’s style at any given moment.

Get your watch with interchangeable strap from MNMA now!


Mann im dunklen Anzug mit minimalistischer Uhr
Preis 149 Euro149 Euro139 Euro139 Euro
UhrenglasEchtes SaphirglasEchtes SaphirglasEchtes SaphirglasEchtes Saphirglas
UhrwerkSchweizer Uhrwerk von RondaSchweizer Uhrwerk von RondaSchweizer Uhrwerk von RondaSchweizer Uhrwerk von Ronda
Gehäusebreite42 mm42 mm42 mm42 mm
max Gehäusehöhe7,6 mm7,6 mm7,6 mm7,6 mm
ArmbandMilanaise Band in Schwarz, WechselarmbandMilanaise Band in Silber, WechselarmbandLederband (echtes Rindsleder) in Senfgelb, WechselarmbandLederband (echtes Rindsleder) in Karamellfarben, Wechselarmband
Wasserdichte5 ATM5 ATM5 ATM5 ATM


Which watch band material is right?

As always, of course, the question lies in the details. If you would like to wear your watch at work, but you are exposed to difficult conditions in your everyday professional life, you will certainly not go for a watch strap that is sensitive to your incidental activity. It should also be taken into account that not everyone can wear everything. This does not only mean the style, but much more the sensitivities of their own skin. Thus, it is not natural for nickel allergy sufferers to be able to wear any metal on their body. If you want to be on the safe side here, look for terms like platinum, fine gold or titanium bracelet. The latter is also commonly used for watch straps and makes itself popular mainly due to its light metal property and increased salt water resistance. Unlike conventional stainless steel bracelets, however, you have the disadvantage that titanium watch straps are more susceptible to scratches. Everyone must also decide for themselves whether the reduced weight of a light metal (keyword: plastic feeling) or rather the somewhat higher weight of stainless steel appeals to them.

From our own (subjective) experience, we can say that a watch appears to be of higher overall quality if it has a certain total weight. Similarly, you can compare sapphire glass and mineral glass by tapping on the installed glass. (see our article on sapphire crystal)

Metal bracelets

In general, it can be said that metal bracelets offer a long durability and only due to the gradual loosening lose wearing comfort over time. This effect can be countered with a clasp on the watch strap, which is continuously adjustable in size. As a rule, this offers you especially milanaise straps or also called mesh straps. The tool-free adjustment of the clasp, which can be adjusted by simply levering it out, proves to be very useful.

Buy now MNMA 22mm genuine leather & mesh interchangeable bracelet


Lederarmband 22mm breit Wechselarmband in senfgelbMesh Milanaise Band MNMA schwarzWechselarmband in Haselnussbraun von MNMA 22mmsilbernes Meshband von MNMA
ModellLederband Senfgelb 22mm von MNMA wechselbarMesh Milanaise Wechselband 22mm von MNMALederband Haselnussbraun 22mm von MNMA wechselbarMesh Milanaise Silber Wechselband 22mm von MNMA
Armbandbreite22 mm22 mm22 mm22 mm
Materialhochwertiges Rindsledernickel & rostfreier Edelstahlhochwertiges Rindsledernickel & rostfreier Edelstahl
VerschlussartDornschließe mit eingravierten MNMA Logo Schiebe-Faltschließe mit eingravierten LogoSchweizer Uhrwerk von Ronda Schiebe-Faltschließe mit eingravierten Logo
leichter WechselbandmechanismusJa (ohne Werkzeug möglich)Ja (ohne Werkzeug möglich)Ja (ohne Werkzeug möglich)Ja (ohne Werkzeug möglich)

Leather bracelet

Unlike metal bracelets, leather offers much greater comfort due to its texture. Depending on the style and value, a leather bracelet ideally wears like a second skin, and should be treated accordingly. In addition to its sensitivity to water, especially in combination with salt, leather requires special care. Smooth leather, for example, should be rubbed with oil every now and then to counteract wear. Generally, a leather bracelet is inferior to a metal bracelet in terms of durability. Generally, you will need a new interchangeable bracelet every 1-2 years – depending on how often you wear it and how much sweat it is exposed to .

The raw material is usually beef or calf, although there are also exotics such as crocodile, ostrich or shark leather. However, as a component of the quality of a leather bracelet, the further processing of the manufacturer is also important. It is not possible to clearly determine which manufacturing techniques are better or worse. On the one hand, it can be said that leather bracelets with a saddle seam on both sides are considered particularly stable, but on the other hand, it can also be said that a good leather which is fiber-deep bonded does not need a saddle seam at all. So, in the end, the taste and quality of the leather itself decides.

Watch straps with faux leather vs genuine leather

In addition to genuine leather, there are also bracelets made of imitation leather for watches. These are usually made of polyester, polyurethane or even nylon. In addition to being manufactured in an animal-friendly manner and having a more neutral odor than genuine leather, faux leather is not as breathable or water-permeable, but is more weather-resistant with nearly the same amount of durability if it has been processed to a high standard.

Rubber band

Of course, there are trade-offs between durability and comfort that a rubber strap delivers. These are particularly suitable for diving or swimming due to their insensitivity to water. Here, however, it is important to rinse off the salt water with clear water after a dive in the sea.


Tang buckle vs folding clasp – differences of clasp types explained

In most cases, the material of the watch strap determines the type of clasp. Rubber and leather bracelets, up to a certain price range, are equipped with a buckle, which correspond to the closure of a standard leather belt. In addition to the quality of the leather, pay attention to the seams and the number of holes. From a bar tack seam behind the clasp to the safety stitch on the back of the loop, all seams should be present and also neatly finished.

Metal bracelets, on the other hand, are equipped with a folding clasp, which in turn can be divided into other types. We would like to talk about the hanging clasp in particular, as this is the only adjustable variant and is used especially for mesh bracelets. As the only type, this clasp allows not only to freely choose the circumference of the bracelet, but also to change it even without special tools. To do this, simply pry out the shutter with a small screwdriver at the points marked with an arrow.

Meshband closure


How can I calculate the right watch band size and what is the ideal band width 18, 20, 22 or 24mm ?

The best way to find out the right length for your watch strap is to first measure your wrist with a tape measure. If you don’t have one on hand, just take a ribbon or rope and wrap it around your wrist. Then take the measured length of the knit and put it on a folding rule or ruler. To this length we now add a flat 30mm, this is provided for loop or any type of clasp that will hold your band together at the end. Finally, we subtract the length of the watch, which is the distance from lug to lug.


200 mm (wrist) + 30 mm (buckle) – 48 mm (lug to lug)

= 182 mm bracelet length (minimum length)


Depending on the size of the wrist and the watch itself, the ideal width of a watch strap also varies. At this point, 22 mm tapes have become the safe choice and are generally considered to be established.


The watch strap in vintage leather look – a timeless trend?

Generally, vintage is defined as something that looks used or, even better, has real signs of use. Corrosion, cracks and abrasions are particularly eye-catching. From the knowledge that old objects with signs of use, which fully serve their purpose, necessarily represent quality. This effect can be achieved either by using quality products that have simply been worn down over time, such as those found in antique stores, or by creatively reworking the object, artificially aging it in this way.

Leather in particular is very popular in this look and can often be transformed into the desired vintage style by the material’s own demise. So with materials that age “well”, that are generally high quality, you not only have a chic accessory for the moment, but you can watch it become more and more your own personal style statement.

If you want a vintage look band, we can suggest you our interchangeable band in hazelnut brown, which will get the perfect vintage style after some time of wearing. (see image)

hazelnut brown leather strap in vintage style



Conclusion – Which watch strap is the best?

As is so often the case, it comes down to personal taste which watch band suits you best. In addition to the appearance, personal preferences, the conditions in which the watch is worn, above all, play a role. As described above, the fabrics differ, sometimes drastically, in terms of their properties and are suitable for different application scenarios depending on the prioritization of durability and/or comfort.
What should be clear to one that also the watch strap to the watch should not be saved in any case, because the wearing comfort of a wristwatch to a significant extent also depends on the bracelet quality.