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Best men's watch to 300 euros

The best men’s watch up to 300 euros | hip watch | flat men’s watches | most popular men’s watches for men

The best men’s watch up to 300 euros – trendy watches in comparison

My research into wristwatches began a few years ago. I was looking for a stylish and at the same time flat watch, which should also be robust and durable. Unfortunately, I could not record any satisfactory experiences and my purchased models gave up the ghost after a short time due to various quality defects – a tragedy: Especially scratches on the glass and possible brittleness spoiled my view of the actually quite handsome piece of jewelry on my arm several times, with many models it was simply lacking in the processing or quality. So I decided to do better and MNMA was born. This article offers you the current state of popular watches up to 300 Euro, of course including our own watch creation.

Enjoy the read.

This article offers you a comparison of the best watches for under 300 euros.
We have compared a variety of trendy watches from different manufacturers, which have been praised by lifestyle magazines and fashion bloggers, and have clearly compiled the most important key data of the watches.


Trendy or popular men’s watches up to 300 euros – What you can value when buying a new one

So that you are well informed before the purchase of a watch to 300 euros, what matters, I have summarized, on which basic components you should pay attention. Because only if the overall package is flawless can you avoid annoying bad purchases that only cost you more in the end. After all, you want to enjoy your watch for a long time and not have it repaired or damaged in the short term.

The clockwork

No-name movements are not recommended, as they usually have poor stability. Swiss movements like Ronda or brands like Miyota and Seiko are reputable manufacturers that can definitely increase the life of your watch. These watch movements tick very accurately, so they only need to be adjusted once every few months. In the price range up to 300 Euro you can find with a little luck even entry-level models with automatic movement.

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The watch glass

Here, the choice should clearly fall on sapphire glass, because this is currently the best available glass and shines with individually strong properties. It is extremely robust, so scratches on the watch are almost impossible, and it is also more shatterproof than mineral glass, for example.
Second place goes to the hybrid version of hardened mineral glass and sapphire coating, which takes the disadvantages but also the advantages of mineral glass and sapphire glass in a weakened form.
Normal tempered mineral glass, which is often referred to as Hardlex glass by some manufacturers, follows in third place, and is considered to be tempered window glass. Special treatments with an oxide and some chemical processes, let the scratch susceptibility decrease and breakage resistance increase. But despite these processes, it does not come close to the stability of sapphire glass.
Acrylic and plexiglass are in last place. They are cheap in production, which is also reflected in the price of such a watch model, here one already makes strong compromises, which are noticeable in haptics, scratch resistance as well as value.

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The quality of the watch strap

If you have a watch with a leather strap in mind, you should pay attention to the workmanship of the seams. The frequently used areas should have a double seam so that the bracelet lasts a long time and does not wear out so quickly. With metal bracelets, the finish matters, it would be extremely annoying to see silver metal flecks shining through shortly after buying a black mesh bracelet. You can also find out more about the different types of tape here.

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The water resistance (ATM) of the watch

For water resistance, the higher the rating of the watch model, the more resistant the watch is to water. 1 ATM corresponds to 1 bar. A small table illustrates the ATM/bar data:


ATM/bar specification Features

– Protection against splashing water (e.g. washing hands)

– Minimum that the watch should have


– Shower protection

– should be installed in the price range up to 200


– easy swimming or snorkeling possible

– Mostly expensive price range


– excessive dives possible

– King class, rather available with very expensive models

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Flat watch model is trump

Which maximum watch height comes into question for you, you only know yourself and is up to your individual taste. But the fact is: the flatter the watch, the more comfortable it is to wear on the wrist. In combination with a shirt, a flat watch model is easier to cover up.

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Now you know which components of the watch you should take a critical look at when buying. Now we dedicate ourselves to the models up to 300 euros and see what they offer us for our money . Of course, I keep my fingers crossed that you will find your dream model and enjoy it for a long time.
In my whoiswho of the compared watch models, I have primarily taken well-known suppliers of lifestyle watches to the chest, so the models with their individual features briefly picked out and described. Finally, you can also see my TOP-3.

In this article, I have given priority to lovers of slim watches with quartz movements. Entry-level watches with automatic movements are of course also available in this price range. In contrast to quartz watches, which are quite slim, watches with automatic movements, however, have a higher construction height of at least 10 – 12 mm. If you are interested in automatic watches, I can refer you to our Bauhaus watches article.



Fairly fresh to the market, the “
” version of the german startup brand
Above all, the unobtrusive, minimalist design distinguishes this model.

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The model Nightrider of the MNMA Series 1 collection is available from 149 Euro (leather strap) or as Mila Superstar with exclusive Milanaise mesh strap for 159 Euro. For this price, you’re getting a product with great design, quality parts, and a long shelf life.

What we like:

☑ Sapphire crystal
☑ minimalist design
☑ 7.6 mm overall height
☑ Swiss movement (Ronda)
☑ fluorescent hands

Where do we still see potential:

– Brand still relatively unknown

PAUL HEWITT – Grand Atlantic Line Black Sea


The well-known brand with its typical anchor has launched the “
Grand Atlantic Line Black Sea*
“, a model that is also convincing due to its simplicity.

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With this model you get a good lifestyle wristwatch, which convinces especially by the water resistance and the sapphire crystal. The price is
Price not available*
Through various sales, the good piece is also significantly cheaper to get.

What we like:

☑ Sapphire crystal
☑ Lifestyle Design
☑ 5 ATM water resistance
☑ Brand movement
☑ 7.9 mm overall height

Where do we still see potential:

– price
– no fluorescent hands



In the range of just over 200 euros, the
Lilienthal Berlin L1 ALLBLACK*
is located. With discount codes or in the sale you get this model from the German brand “Lilienthal*” for less than 200 Euro.

The watch is characterized above all by its minimalist look.

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is a model that combines a chic design with valuable components such as a Swiss movement. A wide range of interchangeable straps and two sizes ensure that the individual requirements of different target groups can be met.

What we like:

☑beautiful design
☑ 7.5 mm overall height
☑ Swiss movement from Ronda
☑ fluorescent hands

Where do we still see potential:

– Mineral glass incl. Sapphire coating
– price



The model CLASSIC BLACK SHEFFIELD* from the Daniel Wellington brand is a watch that can be combined in many different ways and has become a real classic that has been constantly on the lifestyle charts for a few years now.

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All in all, the Daniel Wellington CLASSIC BLACK SHEFFIELD* timepiece is on the top branch mainly because of its aesthetics. The installed components correspond to the general measure, which one may expect for the called price of
136,51 EUR*
may also expect.

What we like:

☑ classically elegant design
☑ Ultra-flat 6mm overall height
☑ Italian leather bracelet

Where do we still see potential:

– mineral glass
– Unknown quartz movement
– 3 ATM water resistance



With the model Hagen
you will receive a watch from the renowned manufacturer Skagen with a shimmering blue dial and a titanium case that stands out from the other watches.

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For about
169,00 EUR*
the watch lover receives with the
Skagen SKW6471*
a noble, flat watch with built-in mineral glass and 3 bar water resistance.

What we like:

☑ Noble design
☑ Miyta quartz movement
☑ Quality of workmanship
☑ Only 5.0 mm overall height

Where do we still see potential:

– mineral glass
– 3 ATM

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Wristwatch Kane


from Tommy Hilfiger comes in a very modern, hip design. The silver mesh strap combined with the silver stainless steel case harmonizes magnificently with each other.

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We think a chic best-selling chronograph designer watch* from Tommy Hilfiger with good build quality & standard components for approx 139,90 EUR*.

What we like:

☑ very good reviews on Amazon
☑ chic design
☑ Chronograph
☑ Processing quality

Where do we still see potential:

– 11 mm Height
– 3 ATM water resistance
– mineral glass
– unspecified movement

Rank 7:
Nordgreen Pioneer Scandinavian Men’s Watch in Anthracite with White Dial and Interchangeable 42mm Strap 14015


The Nordgreen Pioneer 14015* comes in the typical minimalistic Nordgreen design and differs from the Native and Philosopher presented so far. (links?) by the stopwatch functionality.

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Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award the
Nordgreen Pioneer 14015*
watch not only features high-quality components, but also an elegant minimalist design. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it was produced in an environmentally friendly way and also when buying a Pioneer, which in this version for
Price not available*
is offered, a portion of the sales is donated to one of three NGOs.


What we like:

Sapphire crystal
☑ Environmentally friendly produced

Where do we see potential:

➖ Only 3 ATM

Junkers Men’s Watch Analogue Quartz with Leather Strap 60462


The brand “Junkers”, coming from Germany, has created with its watch, which bears the name “
Junkers men’s watch analog quartz with leather strap*.
“, a model to show off watch created in trendy Bauhaus style.

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For the
Junkers 60462
is currently listed at Amazon at a price of
Price not available*
called. You get a fancy Bauhaus-style clock with acrylic glass for it.

What we like:

Bauhaus design
☑ Ronda movement
☑ flourescent hands
☑ Belt quality

Where do we still see potential:

– 3 ATM water resistance
– acrylic glass

Alienwork IK Mens Ladies Slim Watch Ø40mm with Milanaise Strap


“Alienwork” and its
SLIM watch*
is one of the watch brands that have existed since 2010 and won the favor of customers with competitive prices. With this strategy, the brand has been securing top rankings on various major online shopping portals for several years.

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The Alienwork
SLIM watch*
offers a very nice design at a very reasonable price of
25,99 EUR*
but you have to compromise on the components (like glass or movement).

What we like:

☑ modern black edition design at a very reasonable price
☑ 40 and 36 mm diameter
☑ 3 ATM
☑ 7mm height

Where do we still see potential:

– Quality of the components
– rather bad readability of the time
– No-name movement

Rank 10:
BERING men’s wristwatch analog quartz titanium 11739-727

The men’s watch “
” from Bering appears to be made from one piece. The model is made of noble titanium, the matt black IP-plated case and the blue-colored dial have succeeded the designer and embody a stylish symbiosis.

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The Bering men’s watch “
” has convinced us in the test with its design and lightness, the reviews so far are also positive and are at stars. Only the unknown movement and the rather higher normal price of 199 euros still have potential. Currently the watch is available for *Price not available.

What we like:

☑ Sapphire crystal
☑ Titanium case
☑ 5 ATM water resistance
☑ 7 mm housing height

Where do we still see potential:

– Movement unknown
– price
– no flourescent hands

Rank 11:
Seiko Men’s Analog Quartz Watch with Leather Strap SUR271P1


A dark design also features the “
Seiko SUR271P1*
” from the Japanese watch company Seikō Holdings K.K. , founded in 1881. As one of the few models in the test field up to 300 euros, this watch can score with 10 ATM water resistance. Whether it’s a dive in the pool or a longer shower, you’ll be on the safe side with this model.

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The “SEIKO SUR271P1” is a watch without any noticeable flaws, which stands out from the competition mainly due to the 10 ATM water density and its sporty design, at an average price of about. Price not available* on Amazon.

What we like:

☑ 10 ATM waterproof (!)
☑ SEIKO movement
☑ sporty look
☑ flourescent hands
☑ Quality of workmanship

Where do we still see potential:

– hardlex glass
– 12mm height

Rank 12:
Fossil FS5557 SET The Minimalist 3H Watch Men’s Leather Strap Stainless Steel 5 Bar Analog Brown


The Fossil FS5557 “
“, is one of the largest wristwatches in our comparison test with a diameter of approx. 44 mm and a maximum height of only 8 mm.

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The watch The Minimalist ” from Fossil is a beautiful watch in a successful brown-black mix, with mostly components that you would expect for the called price of approx.
Price not available*
at Amazon.

What we like:

Miyota movement
☑ 5 ATM water resistance
☑ 8 mm high

Where do we still see potential:

– watch glass




The model
Meller Astar Collection 1ON-2GOLD*
catches the eye especially because of the choice of gold and black. The harmonious combination of gold-colored case, with dark dial and the golden hands Meller is very successful. The golden band and the noble design result in a classically timeless watch.

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The Astar Collection in Gold-Black* is a chic watch that is particularly suitable for smaller wrists. The price of approx.
Price not available*
is to be considered reasonable in relation to the installed components.

What we like:

☑ reasonable price
☑ 7.5 mm overall height
☑ Japanese movement from Miyota
☑ beautiful, simple design

Where do we still see potential:

– Mineral glass with sapphire coating only
– 38 mm width might be too small for some wearers

Comparison table trendy men’s watches up to 300 euros


To give you a better overview of the models already mentioned, I have presented the special features of all wristwatches in a table. For more information on each watch, click on the link to the price of the watch.



schwarzes Meshand dunkles Ziffernblatt von MNMA
ModellMNMA Series 1- NIGHTRIDERMeller Astar Collection - 1ON-2GOLD*Lilienthal L1 - All Black*Daniel Wellington Herren DW00100133*SKAGEN - SKW6481*Tommy Hilfiger Herren-Armbanduhr Kane*
Uhrenglasechtes SaphirglasMineralglas SaphirbeschichtungMineralglas SaphirbeschichtungMineralglasMineralglasMineralglas
UhrwerkSchweizer Uhrwerk von RondaJapanisches Uhrwerk von MiyotaSchweizer Uhrwerk von RondaQuarzwerk (Hersteller nicht bekannt)Japanisches Uhrwerk von MiyotaQuarzwerk (Hersteller nicht bekannt)
Gehäusebreite42 mm38 mm42,5 oder 37,5 mm40mm40 mm44 mm
max Gehäusehöhe7,6 mm7 mm7,5 mm6 mm5,0 mm11mm
ArmbandSchwarzes LederLederLederLederLederEdelstahl Milanaise
Wasserdichte5 ATM3 ATM5 ATM3 ATM3 ATM3 ATM
ModellNordgreen Pioneer**PAUL HEWITT - Grand Atlantic Line Black Sea*JUNKERS HERRENUHR 60702*ALIENWORK IK Ø40MM*BERING 11739-727*SEIKO SUR271P1*FOSSIL FS5557*
UhrenglasSaphirglasSaphirglasHesalitglasMineralglasSaphirglasHardlexglas Mineralglas
UhrwerkJapanisches Uhrwerk Japanisches Uhrwerk MiyotaSchweizer Uhrwerk Ronda (515)Unbekanntes Quarzwerk Japanisches Quarzwerk Japanisches QuarzwerkJapanisches Uhrwerk Miyota
Gehäusebreite42 mm42 mm40 mm40 mm39 mm41 mm44 mm
max Gehäusehöhe12.3 mm7,9 mm10 mm7 mm7 mm11 mm8 mm
Armband MilanaisebandLederbandLeder MilanaisebandTitanLeder/ Stoff KombinationLeder
ZeigerNormalNormalFluoreszierendNormalNormalFluoreszierend (Lumibrite)Normal
Wasserdichte3 ATM5 ATM3 ATM3 ATM5 ATM10 ATM5 ATM

Which price range is the right one for me for a trendy watch for men up to 300 Euro?

Man with elegant outfit and matching MNMA watchDepending on your monthly income, you may have more or less money left over for a stylish accessory like a Watch. One watch in the price range up to 300 euros is a sensible option, especially in the first job. However, please note that your outfit matches the watch, color combinations should not be too bright and a maximum of four harmonizing colors should beused .

Pay attention to the size of the watch and your wrist. 42 mm is a good case size that is suitable for most men. For very wide wrists, a case size of up to 48 mm is recommended. For some time now, the trend has been towards 42mm, after 40mm was the trend for years.

In the picture on the right you can see a very well coordinated outfit in which no more than 4 colors were combined. This looks noble and discreet at the same time.

Depending on your monthly income, you may have more or less money left over for a stylish accessory like a Watch. One watch in the price range up to 300 euros is a sensible option, especially for the first job.

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Man with elegant outfit and matching MNMA watch



Soeren, founder of MNMA

Conclusion – Which hip men’s watch is the best in the range up to 300 euros?


As is so often the case, there is no clear answer to this question. The best men’s watch up to 300 euros is not clearly identifiable.

Depending on what features of the components you value, what style you prefer and how much you really want to spend will determine which model is best for you. The combination of a Swiss movement with sapphire crystal, high-quality leather or a mesh bracelet and a water resistance of at least 5 ATM result in a stable watch.

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These are my TOP-3 men’s watches for under 300 euros in the test field


The following wristwatches are my favorites:


Our insider tip. The all-round minimalist: MNMA NIGHTRIDER

Even though I’m now positioning myself as an insider’s tip for my own watch, you should have the Nightrider on your docket if you like the design. All presented watches have a weak point somewhere, be it the unknown movement or (too) little water resistance or the built in glass. If I had the choice, I would (also because of my semi-optimal experiences) attach importance to which manufacturer I get a round package and because I like simple design without having to accept any compromises in terms of quality.

At MNMA, you get 5 bar water resistance, scratch resistant sapphire crystal & a Swiss movement with the Nightrider, which makes the decision easier.


1.titanium, titanium, titanium: BERING LORD ANALOG QUARZ WATCH WITH TITANIUM ARMBAND 11739-727*

Like the MNMA, the Bering model has no discernible weaknesses and shines with good design, sapphire crystal and titanium as the preferred case material. Recommendation

2. scratch-resistant air icus:

The combination of the beautiful design and high-quality components secures the Nordgreen Pioneer 2nd place. The environmentally friendly production is reflected in the clean design as well as the red pointer tips, which are supposed to remind of wind turbines. Among other things, the installed sapphire crystal leads to a weight of only 54 grams.

3. the styler:

Silver is always in fashion, and so are anchors. Combine the trendy silver or black colors and it really becomes a stylish watch. Here, too, there is high-quality sapphire crystal and a water resistance of 5 bar.

Heads up:

If none of the watches featured here appeal to you, it’s worth checking out our article on the latest watch trends 2022. In this article I have briefly presented the current trend watches for men and women. Here you can find more stylish watches for men and women. There is also a post on the most beautiful men’s watches and the counterpart in female form. Optionally, our article on elegant men’s watches, quartz watches or silver watches or black watches for men might be interesting for you. If you want to spend a little less money, the post of the best cheap watches up to 50 euros is interesting. Of course we also offer this in the price range up to 100 Euro. That there are also watches in the range up to 500 euros you will learn here. Our article“Christmas Gifts for Dad” is fresh and for all those who are still looking for Christmas gifts.

For ladies we have a comparison of trendy ladies watches in rose gold or gold. For automatic fans, we have a comparison of the 10 most popular automatic watches in Bauhaus design. Here you will find popular Bauhaus style quartz watches for men. All TOP3 models in different price ranges can be found in the article“The best men’s watches“.

Have fun browsing.

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