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Chronograph | Men | Black | Wristwatch | Milanaise | Leather | Sapphire crystal

Chronograph in Black for Men – Sapphire Crystal, Matte Dial & Milanaise / Leather Strap

Black chronograph for men by MNMA – quality meets minimalist elegance at an unbeatable price


Matte wristwatches with dark dial and sapphire crystal from MNMA® embody the style of modernity combined with a touch of classic elegance. The black dial inspires men and women with deliberately placed minimalist details. It is enclosed in a stainless steel case, which is covered with a shimmering black alloy, giving the wristwatch its extraordinary look.

In addition to the design, attention was paid to durability during the creation and nothing stands for longevity in a men’s watch more than a Japanese movement from the house of the traditional brand Miyota. The award-winning Miyota 0S20 chronograph movement helps the wristwatch achieve an exceptional design of 12 mm in height with a radius of 45 mm.

Sapphire crystal is considered to be the optimal protective cover of the dial as well as the movement and complements the longevity of the men’s watch with its exceptional properties in terms of shock, scratch and breakage resistance. The “king” of glasses is used in the MNMA® Chronograph Series in its hardest available version and is anti-reflective on both sides for optimum readability and scratch resistance. Only pure diamond is harder than the built-in sapphire crystal of the MNMA Chronograph Series.

With its strap width of 22mm, the men’s watch has several quick-change milanaise and leather straps, such as fine black leather or black mesh (milanaise). The leather bracelets convince with double stitching in the places that are exposed to more intensive use and are made of high quality cowhide leather. Due to the flawless tanning, the soft leather bracelets offer unmistakable comfort and look great even after some time of wearing. The MNMA® chronograph series is original “Designed in Germany” and bears the characteristic lettering of the founders in all its facets. If you want a wristwatch that convinces with its noble design and at the same time excellently matched components and a good price, then a model from the MNMA® Chronograph series is the object of your desire!

What distinguishes black chronographs for men?

With the help of dark design, black chronograph watches look very classy and never go out of fashion. Black is considered timeless and fits all events where it has to be a little fancier.
Whether you’re wearing it with a classic black/dark suit at a wedding, with a business outfit, or as a contrast to an elegant white shirt, you’ll never go wrong with a black chronograph.

In addition to the widely used stainless steel used here, black men’s watches can also rely on cases made of titanium or ceramic, which, however, makes the watch quite light and can reduce the perceived value.

In addition, chronographs have a stopwatch function, where the time can be measured if necessary and explain the increased complexity of the movement. This is also the reason why chronographs usually have a bit more height than their quartz counterparts without chronograph functions.

In color psychology, the color black, in addition to the already mentioned properties, continues to stand for perfection and power, which at the same time conveys a certain exclusivity.

The men watch with sapphire crystal & Japanese movement

Unlike most watches in this price range, the MNMA Chronograph Series uses double anti-reflective, genuine sapphire crystal, which is rated a 9/10 on the Mohs scale, topped only by diamond. It is therefore almost impossible to put any scratches on the watch.
Sapphire glass as such is produced from artificial corundum and in further processing steps ultimately becomes sapphire glass. Sapphire crystal can convince with a Vickers hardness of high 2000 Vickers. For comparison, hardened mineral glass as a direct counterpart only comes to a Vickers hardness of about 900 Vickers.
All other installed watch glass types, such as acrylic glass or mineral glass with sapphire coating, are also below this.

The built-in quartz movement of the Japanese traditional manufacturer Miyota, which already since 1959 stands for “Japanese made” movements of the highest quality, is characterized by maximum precision through careful manufacturing.
Along with other quartz watch manufacturers such as Ronda, ETA, Citizen and Seiko, Miyota has established itself as a top manufacturer for watch movements.

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